Developer contributions

Developer contributions

Developer contributions are set on a case by case basis with estimated efficient costs for the new investment.


Extensions occur where existing mains are lengthened or altered to supply existing or new properties that are not currently serviced.  A typical example is an approach main external to the development boundary of a new development area.

Where a proposed extension provides an additional benefit to other customers, we contribute 50 per cent of the material costs to supply pipe and fittings for the extension.

If we require pipework to be upsized to support future growth, we will pay the full materials cost of the difference between your minimum needs and the extra work we require.

Extension fees are based on the estimated cost to deliver the service.

For more information on extensions, please contact our Major Land Development team at


Connections occur where a new property is added and a new connection to an existing water or sewerage main is required. A typical example of this is a new connection for a property subdivision.

Connections are subject to our connection fees. Please direct any questions to our Connections team at

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