Sewerage systems

Sewerage systems

Sewerage systems in South Australia comprise:

Gravity sewerage systems and sewage pumping stations

Water recycling is a critical issue and minimising wastewater salinity is an important objective for us.

Gravity sewers will always be our preferred option, and consideration of the designing of sewer mains below the existing groundwater table must be taken into account. This reduces saline infiltration into the system. Pressure sewer systems or vacuum sewer systems can be considered if a gravity sewer will compromise water recycling.

Regulations, codes and documents relating to sewerage systems

Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA)

  • Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia - WSA 02-2014
  • Sewage Pumping Station Code of Australia - WSA 04-2005
  • Vacuum Sewerage Code of Australia - WSA 06-2008
  • Pressure Sewerage Code of Australia - WSA 07-2007

Supplementary documentation

Sewer construction manual drawings

Links to these standard drawings can be found on our Standard Drawings page.

  • 4005-20001 - Index
  • 4005-20002 - General information and reference
  • 4005-20003 - Excavation, embedment and trench fill
  • 4005-20004 - Allocation of space for services
  • 4005-20005 - Maintenance structures
  • 4005-20006 - Sewer connections
  • 4005-20007 - Trunk sewers
  • 4005-20008 - Miscellaneous

Sewage pumping station drawings

Links to these standard drawings can be found on our Standard Drawings page.

  • 4005-40001 - Standard submersible sewage pumping stations (Under development, see below)
  • 94-0163 - Standard submersible sewage pumping stations (Existing documents still current)

Engineering standards

Authorised products

Links to these authorised products can be found on our Technical Standards page.

  • TS 0502 - Authorised products for gravity and pressure sewer systems
  • TS 0504 - Authorised products for packaged sewer pumping stations
  • TS 0500 - Authorised products for maintenance of water and sewer systems

Sewage pumping station information

WSAA are currently reviewing WSA 04. When the revised code is released, (including supplementary documents and standard drawings) we will review requirements.

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