Groundwater sources

Groundwater sources

Groundwater is contained in underground water bodies known as aquifers. More than half our drinking water supply systems draw water from aquifers as their primary source of water for households and businesses.

In some areas, groundwater is the best – and at times the only reliable – source of water. Most aquifers are located in the South East, Eyre Peninsula and northern region of South Australia where rainfall is inconsistent. These aquifers vary, from local bores to the Blue Lake, a volcanic crater containing groundwater from local aquifer systems which supplies people in the city of Mount Gambier.

We draw from a range of treatment options for our groundwater, matching the right process to the localised environment so you can be confident the drinking water we supply is safe and clean.

Groundwater desalination around South Australia

Eight desalination plants located around the state treat groundwater to remove the salt and impurities. These plants are located in:

  • Hawker – this plant has produced drinking water for Hawker township in the Flinders Ranges since 2014, meeting the challenge of groundwater that is very hard and high in total dissolved solids.
  • Leigh Creek – drawing from a number of local bores, this plant treats a groundwater supply that is highly salty.
  • APY Lands and Yalata desalination plants – we operate  desalination plants at Indulkana, Mimili, Kaltjiti (Fregon), Yunyarinyi (Kenmore Park) and Murputji in the far north of South Australia, and Yalata on the west coast. Many of these plants are now also solar powered, helping ensure reliabile and sustainable drinking water for everyone living in these communities.

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