Your tap water’s quality and testing

Your tap water’s quality and testing

We consistently meet or exceed both Australian targets and your expectations for drinking water quality. And among the key reasons you can be confident that your tap water is safe, clean and reliable are:

  • World-leading health and aesthetic standards. The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines are among the most stringent in the world.
  • Monitoring and testing. We carry out more than 370,000 water tests in our laboratories each year. So,if we were working around the clock, we’d carry out 520 tests per day… 21 tests per hour… or one test every three minutes.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement We realise that we are not just providing water for today. The challenges of a growing population living in South Australia, the driest state in the driest continent, means we have one eye constantly on the future, to ensure we are using water the most effective and environmentally-friendly way we can.

That’s how you know your water is quality: safe, clean and in reliable supply.

If you would like a profile of the drinking water in your location, head to our handy search tool to find details about the quality of your tap water, at home or at work.

Where your tap water data comes from

Your drinking water is carefully monitored and tested before it reaches your tap.

All South Australia’s drinking water systems are extensively tested, with more than 372,000 analytical tests carried out annually. Using SA Health approved monitoring programs, we regularly monitor and test your drinking water with our trained testers producing more than 1000 water test results every day across the state.

Samples are collected at various locations in the water supply journey by skilled field workers. Laboratory analyses are carried out by the state-of-the-art Australian Water Quality Centre recognised as a world leading laboratory, based in Adelaide, South Australia. These are done in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Systems and the requirements of the National Association of Testing Authorities.

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