Energy management and climate

Energy management and climate

We are proud of our reputation as leaders in the industry and of our use of smart technology to run our operations more effectively and provide better services.

One example of that is our Zero Cost Energy Future initiative. Treating and transporting water requires a lot of energy and SA Water is one of the largest electricity users in the state. Our investment in renewable energy generation will reduce our operational costs, helping us provide reliable services while keeping prices as low and as stable as possible for you.

Sustainability is at the core of this program: sustainably reducing our operational costs, and delivering positive environmental outcomes. To achieve our zero cost energy future, we will install more than 500,000 solar panels across around 35 of our sites to produce 242 GWh of electricity, along with 34 megawatt hours of battery storage.

The 25-year design life of modern renewable energy options will offset emissions within six months, and the half-million solar panels will deliver the equivalent benefit of planting seven million trees over their design life. Construction work will also support more than 250 jobs, and includes a commitment to engage local Aboriginal-owned businesses evaluated on their competitive rates, as well as apprentice training and opportunities for the supply chain within South Australia.

We’re proud of this initiative – designed by our people, driven by our customers, and another way of finding that delicate balance between the environment and service delivery.

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