Heritage conservation

Heritage conservation

We are sensitive and respectful to the land and waters in which we work, and are always looking to improve our knowledge and care for it.

Through our mutually beneficial partnerships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and organisations, we work with local communities to ensure their rich, cultural heritage is respected and maintained.

Consistent with our commitment to reconciliation, we are conscious of protecting cultural heritage, and we continually work to both respect and promote the cultural values of the lands on which we are working. Here is an example:

  • At Beetaloo Reservoir in the state’s mid-north, an artwork by Nukunu artist Jessica Turner was erected at the public lookout. Titled Wobma, it details the cultural and spiritual relationship the Nukunu people have with land and water in the Spencer Gulf and southern Flinders Ranges.

We manage several land holdings significant to Aboriginal people. Under our custodianship, we engage with local communities to work with us in caring for and managing environmental and heritage projects on these lands. One of our ‘caring for Country’ initiatives is with Burrandies Aboriginal Corporation at Middle Point, south of Mount Gambier. Rich in Aboriginal cultural heritage, we have worked to revitalise the area through revegetation, planting culturally significant species selected by Boandik Elders. The project has also enabled land management outcomes and employment opportunities for six Aboriginal community members of the South East and encouraged community control and management of these resources.

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