Water in South Australia

Water in South Australia

We have been a part of the South Australian landscape since 1856. Our story has moved from fixing the water supply to a fledgling colony to building an Australian first water-based sewerage system. As the needs of both Adelaide and regional South Australia grew with an increased population, we grew with it, providing water treatment and building a network of reservoirs to assure water supply.

Our journey has taken us more than 160 years from a city relying on the River Torrens to now, where we are focusing on securing water for future generations. We now provide world-class water services to more than 1.7 million South Australians, with the long term future of the state’s economy, society and environment guiding our decision making and direction.


  • supply water
  • remove sewage from homes and businesses
  • treat sewage and wastewater
  • recycle some wastewater

We work hard to ensure your water is high quality, safe to drink and always available. We make sure you can find out how good your water is today while having confidence that your water supply will be around for future generations.

We are the custodians of the state’s water supply, owned by the South Australian government.  We employ more than 1,500 capable, highly-skilled people from sought-after trades ranging from engineering to microbiology to the environment, and we partner with more than 3000 service providers, businesses, suppliers and contractors - large and small - in the delivery of water and wastewater services across the state.

We oversee a large and complex network of infrastructure and assets that delivers 220 billion litres of water each year, and report to an independent board appointed by the Governor of South Australia.