Our infrastructure and assets

Our infrastructure and assets

We are custodians of South Australia’s water supply and network, with infrastructure supplying more than 220 billion litres of water to some 1.7 million South Australians each year.

Much like roads, hospitals and our homes, ongoing investment is needed to sustain and improve South Australia’s water services and networks, comprising $14 billion worth of assets, to keep our drinking water safe and clean and provide trusted sanitation services.

Our network of water assets and infrastructure includes:

  • 43 water treatment plants
  • pump stations
  • 512 storage tanks
  • One of the longest supply networks in the southern hemisphere with more than 27,000 kilometres of water mains and more than 8,900 kilometres of sewerage mains
  • 32 reservoirs and weirs across the state
  • 212 kilometres of water mains carrying recycled water

Long term investment in infrastructure will help us continue to provide customers with safe, affordable and sustainable water services, as maintaining low and stable water prices over time is our priority.

Our current four-year capital works program – Our Plan 2020-24 – will see ongoing investment in the renewal of water reticulation mains, trunk mains and major pipelines. Another priority is the use of smart technology to further reduce, in the short, medium and long-term, the impact of water main breaks and leaks, pressure management issues and temporary supply interruptions on customers.

Also, a priority is increasing the amount of water recycled in South Australia for a productive second life through projects like expanding the Adelaide to Glenelg pipeline scheme, supporting our state’s economic growth and better urban liveability.

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  • 16/01/2020 01:17 PM - We are attending to an incident in Mile End with no interruption to the water supply. The safety of our crews and customers comes first, and we always aim to minimise inconvenience by restoring services as quickly as we can. Reference Number WO: 07265949.
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