Liquid hauled waste fees and charges

Liquid hauled waste fees and charges

Liquid hauled waste application

This fee is for processing authorisation applications to dispose of liquid hauled waste. Includes GST.

Application Fee: $175.00

Liquid hauled waste compliance audit

We inspect customers’ premises to assess compliance with their authorisation conditions and confirm operator details. Audit frequency is based on risk. Additional audits may be required where noncompliance is detected. Includes GST.

Audit Fee: $141.00

Non-domestic hauled waste charges

Charges apply for non-domestic hauled liquid waste accepted at our receiving stations from tanker trucks. These charges are not subject to GST.


$0.684 per kL

Biological oxygen demand

$0.527 per kg

Suspended solids

$0.539 per kg


$0.399 per kg


$1.990 per kg

Domestic hauled waste charges

Holding tank and septic waste charges

$8.60 per kL

Replacement receiving station swipe card fee

Haulers/dischargers are issued swipe cards for use at our septic waste disposal stations.

Call 7424 1336 to report lost or stolen cards. Replacement costs apply. This charge includes GST.


Administration fee

This fee covers administrative costs and includes GST.


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