Average daily residential water use per person

Average daily residential water use per person

Average water use changes with the seasons, with more water being used in our gardens during the hotter, dryer months. This fluctuating water use will be reflected in your quartly bill, resulting in higher bills, on average, after summer.

Know your water use

More than half of our home water use occurs inside, and most of that happens in the bathroom. The figures in the chart above show the average amount of water each of us uses every day. It changes from season to season, but it also changes from person to person.

To better understand how much water you use, you need to consider how you’re using water in and around the home. Here are some figures to help you determine where you may be using your water.

38%     Bath, shower and toilet – consider the length of your showers.

37%     Garden and outdoor – consider the size and health of your garden.

14%     Kitchen – consider how often you wash the dishes.

11%     Laundry – consider how efficient your washer is and how large your loads are.

Here are some great ways to use your water efficiently in and around your home.

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